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Apparently we’ve ‘had enough of experts’. Increasingly online platforms quietly tailor what we encounter to fit our existing views- creating echo chambers out of our prejudices. We are worried that the role of evidence in politics is slipping- and we want to do something about it. The aim of this project is to draw together people with a wider range of experience and interests to try and unpick these issues and think about how we can start developing ways to respond.

Our first event on Saturday 12th November led to some great discussions and together we came up with some really interesting initiatives for tackling this issue. Click this link to read these initiatives for tackling post-fact politics, and add to them.

This is was followed up by a workshop that took place on Saturday 15th February 2017, where the conversations and ideas continued.

We are using this site for people to share thoughts on this topic as blogs- we’d love to hear from you. We’ve also created a list of articles on this topic from across the web.


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